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Through critique or scrutiny, unperturbed, we shall articulate our opinions, uninterested if these challenge or are uncomfortable to the status quo. This allows us to escape the conformity of thought by examining common values, norms, and beliefs that we often take for granted; the axioms of contemporary society. This demands an external, inquisitive and critical perspective of modern society and how its history, politics, philosophy, and culture mutated/evolved in the past centuries, contributed to its development in terms of social morality and prosperity.
We strive to better interpret the true nature of contemporary paradigms permeating society.
We assert our judgments in contradistinction to the pervasive homologation of thought and in doing so we cultivate and mature our academic - cultural - personal skills. 
We have a diverse group of founding members. All of us treasure our endogenous cultures and their corresponding destinies, meaning we have many embers to foment the hearth’s flame. At the same time, we cherish all cultures, recognizing their “grandeur”,  through elements, which completely transcend mere economic factors, such as their tradition - history, and contribution.

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